Margo Price has released a new music video for her song "Weakness." In the clip, the singer-songwriter portrays a shoplifting, gun-wielding arsonist who may just find her way to the slammer before all is said and done.

The "Weakness" video's story begins when Price's character pulls her motorcycle up to a liquor store as she sings "Sometimes I drink Beaujolais / Sometimes I drink gin / Sometimes whiskey does me right / Sometimes it does me in." After drinking her share of stolen liquor, she holds up the shop attendant and lights the place up. The rest of the clip is all about the cat-and-mouse game of Price running from the cops. Will she get away? Press play above to find out.

"Weakness" is the title track of Price's recently released EP, but the song wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the singer's husband, who found a poem she had written.

"I had written, "Sometimes I'm Virginia Woolf / Sometimes I'm James Dean" ... It's probably something that nobody would have heard, had it not been for him going back through my notebook and telling me what was salvageable and what was not," Price tells NPR's All Songs Considered. "We're always very critical of each other. So if something's good, we tell each other that it's good, and if something's s--t, then we toss it out the window."

Price surprise-released the Weakness EP in July, sharing four new tracks not included on her debut album, Midwest Farmer's Daughter. The project is available for download via iTunes.

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