Marcia Hales announced earlier this year that this would be it. No more Christmas lights on Park Point. She knew how many people it would sadden to quit doing the lights, but she just couldn't keep doing it anymore. This last year was her busiest year and it was hard for her to see how many people would be affected by giving up the tradition.

But then, according to the Duluth news Tribune, Glensheen Mansion contacted her. Glensheen already has their own Christmas lights and decorations, but thought it would be great to add Marcia's display to their grounds. Marcia thought it was a good fit. It wasn't the first time someone offered to find a place for her light display, but none of the others seemed like a good fit. Glensheen being along Lake Superior was a bright spot for Marcia, as she really wanted to keep that Lake Superior closeness.

The director of Glensheen Dan Hartman says they will work to incorporate Marcia's Display and also add other similar lighting across the massive grounds so her display doesn't feel dwarfed by the mansion and other areas. I'm excited to see what they come up with. I'm someone who went almost every year to Marcia's display with our kids, and I'm happy to see it continue.

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