Before you head out for the Minnesota fishing opener, make sure you brush up on Minnesota's invasive species laws because, beginning this year, violators who are found guilty of violating those laws will now face more than just a fine.

The Minnesota DNR has announced that anyone found guilty will not only have to pay the required fines but will also have to complete mandatory training. The short “Clean In Clean Out” training must be completed before people found guilty of violating Minnesota’s aquatic invasive species laws can legally operate their watercraft anywhere in the state.

Boaters and anglers can comply with Minnesota’s invasive species laws by remembering Clean, Drain, Dispose:

  • Clean aquatic plants and prohibited invasive species from watercraft,
  • Drain lake or river water from all equipment and keep drain plugs out during transport, and
  • Dispose of unwanted bait in the trash, not in the water.

Lake property owners are reminded that docks and lifts must be cleaned and allowed to dry for at least 21 days before moving them to another body of water.

If you'd like the take the "Clean In Clean Out" training course ahead of time, just click on the link below.

Good luck out there this fishing season!