Many retail stores, especially malls, are having a hard time getting customers to visit them, so they're trying something new.

The Mall of America is a big space that is often packed with tourists but with travel still, way down from before the COVID-19 pandemic the MOA is really empty these days, so they've teamed up with PopShop Live for a new shopping experience.

Here's is how it works, download the Popshop Live app, only on iOS right now, and enter the code "MOANOW" and you'll be alerted anytime they go live. When they do go live a host will be live streaming video from the store showing products, answering questions, and giving you the opportunity to buy anything you see.

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If you find something you like you can purchase it right from the app and either have the product shipped to you, or you can pick the item up with the Mall of America's curbside pickup option.

Jill Renslow, Senior VP of Business Development & Marketing at MOA told KARE 11,    "It can be something for everyone. One day we might be able to sell toys to a certain customer, then we might be able to do apparel for women. It might be beauty products, the options are endless."

Hopefully, this helps the struggling Mall of America who had to fire over 200 employees earlier this month and is having problems getting customers in the door.

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