Luke Bryan's "What Makes You Country" music video is a family affair. The singer's sons, Bo and Tate, and his nephew Til, star in the a nearly five-minute clip that is country as all get out.

The video was filmed in November, at Bryan's farm south of Nashville. In the opening scene, Bryan and his boys are huddled around a campfire, recounting a day of fun on the farm.

"The best part of my day was catching some bass," Bo says as a sleepy Tate sits beside him and yawns. But when Bo shines a flashlight in his cousin's eyes and the two boys begin to bicker, the country superstar jumps in.

"Quit fighting!" Bryan snaps.

Soon, the boys run off into the darkness for a game of flashlight spotlight, but not before some rules of instruction from Dad: "Be careful and don't go too far."

From there it's flashbacks of football, memories of riding dirt bikes, rolling around in mud and having some old-fashioned fun. Bryan is elsewhere, singing "What Makes You Country" as the music video rolls on.

"What Makes You Country” was directed by longtime collaborator Michael Monaco. Bryan co-wrote the song with frequent songwriting partners Dallas Davidson and Ashley Gorley. It is the fourth single from his latest album, What Makes You Country, and the follow-up single to his previous three No. 1 songs off the album, "Light It Up," "Most People Are Good" and “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset."

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