Luke Bryan kicked off a string of shows in Las Vegas as part of a residency in early February, which means that the country superstar has some easy access to belly up to a blackjack table. But he won't be out to make money, he says.

Prior to the opening night of Bryan's Las Vegas residency at the Theatre at Resorts World, he talked to a group of media about his affinity for gambling, specifically blackjack.

"I always have fun gambling," Bryan says.  "I'm not a big, 'Go out there and get all stressed out' about gambling. If you're around me gambling, I just like to make some fun bets, smoke a cigar, drink a beer, high-five my buddies, cut up with the pit bosses and the dealers."

"It's all kind of like a, just a fun little release for me," Bryan says about the catharsis that comes with his penchant for playing. "When I'm gambling... I'm just having fun in the moment. It's not like I'm trying to come out here and pay for a pick-up truck... My main thing is just to have fun."

It's a good thing that Bryan isn't in Vegas to make a quick buck, as the singer told his opening night audience that he's been a little down on his luck. He explained that out of all his doubling hands, he has pulled 22 aces on an 11. For those that don't play the card game, that is one of the worst, if not the worst cards to get. Whether an exaggeration of his luck or not, Bryan made sure it was clear he was joking around, playfully telling the crowd to "buy the keychains and koozies."

Luck isn't always against Bryan. He's gone on record about an amazing 14-hand winning streak he enjoyed between tour stops a few years back.

"Well, I go down, and I wanted to play a few hands of blackjack, and then I wanted to go stop and sit at a bar and watch my Georgia Bulldogs play," the singer recounts to Audacy's Rob + Holly.  "I know I don't have much time, and I sit down and I won 14 hands in a row and I won $60,000 in 14 hands."

"I did not mean to win that much money," Bryan emphasizes. "I just, it happened. I sat down and the first card, I just started winning. I think it was six total minutes. I won 60 grand, I got up and then I just went and watched my Georgia Bulldogs."

Bryan's residency at the Theatre at Resorts World Las Vegas launched Feb. 11, 2022.  Tickets are available now.

PICTURES: See Highlights From Luke Bryan's Las Vegas Residency

Luke Bryan opened his Las Vegas residency at Resorts World Theatre with a killer performance on Feb. 11, 2022, and pictures show a high-tech set that served as a backdrop to a stunning performance.

The superstar varied the setlist with selections from every era of his career, backed by sets and visuals that included explosive pyrotechnics, multi-level risers and a catwalk that brought him eye-to-eye with the fans in the upper levels.

Scroll to see pictures from Luke Bryan's triumphant Las Vegas residency.

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