Country duo LoCash got to cross an item off their musical bucket list when they wrote a new song called "Beach Boys" for their new project — with the actual Beach Boys.

The duo wanted to incorporate where they grew up and where they still go to escape as they’ve gotten older into their new music. Their latest EP, Woods & Water, is full of upbeat numbers, representing Preston Brust’s growing up in Kokomo, Ind. (woods) and Chris Lucas’ raising in Baltimore (water).

This five-song project was released on Nov. 5, and during media rounds ahead of the 2021 CMA Awards, the duo told Taste of Country there is more coming for one of the songs.

“Beach Boys” blends the country duo's harmonies together, intertwining the Beach Boys' classic “I Get Around” throughout as they sing about bringing the country to the beach. The duo co-wrote "Beach Boys" with Brian Wilson and Mike Love from the Beach Boys.

“It’s pretty cool, because we didn’t know the harmonies, we just went off what we were used to listening to, our parents used to play,” Lucas recalls. “We love everything about [them] because their songs were positive, too — you know, they had that vibe, and working with them has been such a pleasure.”

LoCash weren't going to stop there with the song; they told us they will release a collaboration on the track...with the Boys Boys actually on it.

“We did an ode to the Beach Boys and we recorded with the Beach Boys, so it’s a pretty cool thing we want to get out to the fans ASAP,” Lucas expresses.

So, how did they end up recording the song together?

“We went down to Tuscaloosa, Ala., we parked our bus backstage at the Beach Boys concert,” Brust shares. “Mike Love had invited us down, so we set up a studio in one of the dressing rooms and we recorded a version of 'Beach Boys' together.”

So when can fans listen to it?

“It’s not out yet. We are kinda holding it back a little bit — we’re letting this album get out. Hopefully 'Beach Boys' raises its hand and say, 'Hey, we want more of this,' and we got this other version,” he continues.

The opportunity to have the Beach Boys members work alongside them is a moment that isn’t lost on the singers.

“Just having Mike Love and Brian Wilson even endorse this project and just say we will even allow this to happen is huge, because there's so much protection around that dynasty, around that legacy,” Brust shares.

You can listen to the duo’s EP Woods & Water wherever you stream music.


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