The Superior Police Department issued a press release today saying that they have made several arrests stemming from and undercover operation.  Along with Duluth PD, Douglas County Sheriff's office, and the Department of homeland security, they have arrested several suspects on charges related to human trafficking such as child enticement and prostitution.

From the press release:

Nationwide the issue of human trafficking has been getting greater attention. Advocacy groups in the Twin Ports have indicated that our region is not immune to this activity. Many of those engaged in prostitution are not doing so voluntarily. Someone may be forcing them into these activities by withholding money, drugs or perhaps threatening to take away food and shelter. In other cases the threat or use of physical harm is used. Enforcing the prostitution and solicitation laws is just one way we can help reduce the instances of human trafficking in our communities. Operations like this serve to create a deterrent to those who seek pay for sex services. The persons answering the undercover advertisements do not know if they are communicating with a trafficked person or not and thus engaging in this activity could directly be contributing to the continued victimization of a trafficked person.


You can see the list of names and the methods of the operation on the press release from the Superior Police Department.