Duluth resident Chris Monroe has evolved into a very successful author and illustrator of children's books' and now can count an animation special under her belt as well. I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris for many years, I met her through a mutual friend. Way back years ago she was working at Marshal Hardware in Lakeside and they had her book Monkey with a tool belt for sale. My kids were younger and I knew they would love them so I bought that one and the others that followed.

According to Animation Express "Monroe’s first of the “Chico Bon Bon” books was published in 2008. It tells the story of a precocious and tool-smart monkey who gets himself out of jams — like being captured by an organ grinder — with the items affixed to his belt, such as a screwdriver, nutdriver, nutcracker and squeegee, a Ouiji, planer strainer and grease container."

The animated series officially launches on Netflix on May 8.

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