If you're having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, I have just what you need to get you into the spirit of things.  Enjoy my 5 favorite Christmas songs and you'll be out enjoying the hustle and bustle in no time.

Picking favorite Christmas songs is tough, but if I could only listen to 5, here is what I would pick:

1. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas".  You can't go wrong with this song, but if you're going to listen to it you have to go old school with the original lyrics that weren't quite as warm and fuzzy.  Judy Garland sings this song, of course, but I like Frank Sinatra even more.


2. "White Christmas".  I love the melancholy vibe of this song and there are a lot of great renditions of it by country and other contemporary artists.  However, I guess I'm an old soul and I will always choose Bing Crosby who is someone you must listen to at Christmas.


3.  "I'll Be Home For Christmas".  Another classic that has been performed by a wide variety of artists, this is one song I never turn off.  Some people find it too depressing, but I think that while Christmas is a fun, festive time of year, it's also a time for reflection and memories.  Lady Antebellum does a nice version of the song, so enjoy!


4. "The Christmas Song".  Who doesn't love this standard, which describes a perfect Christmas atmosphere and ends by wishing us a "Merry Christmas"?  I'm choosing the Nat King Cole version because his voice, along with Bing Crosby, is Christmas.


5.  "All I Want For Christmas Is You".  So far, I've chosen songs that lean a little on the slow side, so I thought I'd pick this feel-good Christmas anthem as my 5th song.  Even the biggest Scrooge can't help but get into a good mood when this song comes on.  Pop singer Mariah Carey does the best version, in my opinion.


There you go, listen to those 5 songs and you'll be in the Christmas spirit in no time!  I realize there are countless others that could have made my list, so what are your favorites?


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