So, I go to YouTube and type in Duluth, MN.  I was looking for some fun old ads to share of the Northland, but the first video that appeared was 'Lenay gives a tour of Duluth,MN'.  The video was uploaded over 5 years ago when, according to the video, she was a college student.  The video is shot with pretty good quality with some editing.  Watching this made me want to put us on a mission:  find out where Lenay is today!

Do you know this person?  Is she still in the area?  Is she now a photo journalist?  Let's find Lenay and demand a follow up video to tell us what she is doing now.  Lenay, wherever you are, it's time to give us an update!  Matt Lauer?  No, where in the world is Lenay?


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