Just west of Shell Lake, Wisconsin Chronic Wasting Disease (or CWD) was found in a wild doe.  The DNR will now do more extensive testing in the area and try to identify more cases.

But what are you supposed to do if you see a deer with CWD in the Shell Lake area?  Here's an answer straight from the DNR.

What should I do if I observe a deer that appears sick or is acting unusual?

Landowners and other persons within the 10-mile surveillance zone who observe a deer that appears sick and/or is displaying unusual behavior are encouraged to contact the department quickly. If the landowner or person is capable, the department will provide a verbal authorization to euthanize the deer. To contact the DNR call the info line at 1(888)DNR INFo.

During the fall hunting seasons, hunters who encounter a deer that appears sick are encouraged to harvest the deer. The hunter should attach a valid carcass tag and transport it to one of the DNR-designated sample collection sites. The hunter will then be issued a replacement tag. If a hunter does not have a valid deer carcass tag, they can contact DNR for verbal authorization to shoot the deer. At that time, the hunter will be instructed to bring the deer to one of the collection sites to have the deer tested.

What does Chronic Wasting Disease look like?  Watch the video to learn more!

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