This is 100% my fault because I had no clue how far ahead you need to plan for some of these really nice courses in Northern Minnesota. I have a big birthday coming up this weekend, and I wanted to do something special and golf a couple of nice courses I've never been to.

I grew up in Biwabik, Minnesota in the 90s. I remember riding my bike on the paved bike paths that stretched from town to town, navigating around mine pits. One day I noticed bulldozers through the trees, clearing out large areas of land. I found out that a new golf course was coming to Giant's Ridge. This was probably around 1993-1994.

The first course at Giant's Ridge opened in 1997. The Legend soon became one of the hottest courses in the area. It looked absolutely stunning.

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But, you know what? I've never golfed it. I literally saw it being built in my hometown, but I've never even been on a tee box there.

So, this weekend for my 40th Birthday I wanted to go with some of my friends and spend a weekend golfing both courses. We called about a week and a half ahead of time to get a tee time.

That's when we found out the hard way that this place books up way ahead of time for September. We wanted to golf both The Legend and The Quarry. Saturday didn't have a single tee time for anything other than 9 holes in the afternoon. Friday, only had a tee time for 11 a.m. for one of the courses and we jumped on it.

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Fortunately, I'll be able to at least golf one of the 18 courses, and I'm still excited. So what do we do about Saturday for golf? Luckily for us, there's another really nice course just a few miles away in Tower at the Wilderness At Fortune Bay. So we called them for a tee time.

They had nothing. Not one tee time was available, and the employee at the pro shop actually advised that we call two months ahead of time for a weekend tee time in September because it gets that booked. Wow!

So I contemplated a drive to Superior National at Lutsen.

That's another really fancy course that I love. They didn't have any tee times for Saturday either, but I have to say I wasn't that surprised by this point.

Fortunately, we were able to find an open tee time at the Virginia Public Golf Course. This is fitting because it's where I learned to golf as a kid and I haven't been there for over 20 years.

I guess we aren't the only ones trying to get in a couple more rounds before the leaves fall.

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