I thought she was a bit overly skinny when she performed at Black Bear Casino a week before she married Eddie Cibrian!  She wore a huge sweater dress that covered up her body, but it was sleeveless and short, giving you a great idea of the size of her arms and legs.  She continues to insist she is healthy....here she is on her honeymoon in Cabo this past week....what do you think?  Does this look healthy to you?

The singer-actress was all smiles on the beach Sunday in Cabo San Lucas when she showed off her extremely thin frame in a tiny blue Mikoh string bikini, accessorized with sunglasses and oversized earrings.

Rimes, 28, has been enjoying her delayed postwedding vacation with new husband Eddie Cibrian, 37, at the luxurious Esperanza Resort since last week. The couple wed April 22.

When one of Rimes' Twitter followers said she looked "scary skinny" in her bikini photos and pointed out that she had "a lot of bones showing through skin," the blond beauty snapped back.

"Those are called abs, not bones, love," Rimes wrote back.

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