Maybe only better.  Not for me of course, because my childhood hero Kirby Puckett had the winning home run back in 1991.  But in terms of suspense and almost certainty that the Cardinals were done for the year, last night's game 6 was amazing.

I'll admit, I don't really follow NL baseball that much, so I didn't know much about David Freese until last night.  He saved the Cardinals not once, but twice last night.

It was the scenario you run in your head when you're a kid playing baseball with your friends.  It's down to the wire.... bottom of the ninth... runners on base.... the whole season on your shoulders...

That's exactly how it was.  The Rangers were one strike away from their first championship ever, and David Freese smacked one off the right field wall, scoring the tying run and sending the game into extra innings.

The hometown hero of the Cardinals came back and did it again in the 11th inning hitting one out of the park.  Joe Buck payed homage to his father (like I wondered if he would).

Jack and Joe Buck call their respective Game 6's from Kidd Video on Vimeo.

Games like last nights make me feel like a kid again.  Back when during the summer I would watch every twins game I could and I got to stay up way past my bed time for the world series.  Some of the happiest memories I have.  Thanks Cardinals and David Freese for last night.  It was amazing.