Recently, the Red Herring Lounge in Duluth announced that they would be closing their doors on Monday, June 10.  Now that day has arrived and they're offering up a deal.

They announced the following deal on their Facebook page:

Happy Birthday to us!
Come celebrate by helping us liquidate our inventory!
$20 = all-you-can-drink!

$20 for all you can drink?  That sounds like a challenge to me!  It's quite a deal for anyone who doesn't have to be up bright and early Tuesday morning and wants to pay a final visit to a local business that is sadly closing.

The Red Herring Lounge did post the following in the "Comments" section: "Don’t worry. We will cut you off before we over-serve you", which is comforting for people worried what such an offer will lead to inside the bar.

If you plan on participating, please make sure you have a safe ride home or have Uber and/or cab information ready to go on your phone.



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