If you're planning on hitting the Lakewalk during daytime hours this week, be aware that a significant portion will be closed in order to advance the repair project.DuluthParksMN posted the following advisory on their Facebook page:

Temporary closure along the Lakewalk Trail the week of July 23rd, between the Fitger’s Complex and Endion Station. The closure is necessary to conduct soil borings as part of the engineering and design work to help advance the repair and restoration of the storm damaged areas of the Lakewalk Trail.

A crew will station a large utility truck on the paved section of the Lakewalk Trail and plans to work during the day and then open the trail for full public access in the evening.

Due to the use of large equipment, the Lakewalk traffic will be redirected into Lake Place Park from the west and also at the Portland Malt Shoppe stairs by the Fitger’s Complex.

The good news is that the work is scheduled to be done during daytime hours only and that area of the Lakewalk should be accessible for the upcoming July 28 - July 29 weekend.

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