I was heading home after a long day of work, and as I frequently do, I stopped at a Kwik Trip. I work in Duluth, Minnesota, and live in Superior, Wisconsin, so I see a lot of Kwik Trips.

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I drove over the Blatnik Bridge and turned into the Kwik Trip #189 at 623 Hammond Avenue in Superior. We picked up the items we came for, fought against the urge to buy so much more, and headed to the checkout.

After the very friendly Kwik Trip cashier rang up my daughter's frozen blend, my few grocery items, and a few unnecessary purchases, she asked for my Kwik Trip rewards card.

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I dug throw my wallet and pulled out the card. That's when the Kwik Trip employee apologized saying, "Oh I'm sorry, I don't why I keep asking, our loyalty program is down."

No big deal, the transaction went fine, my debit card didn't have a problem, and I was on my way.

Then, I got home and saw this article from KTTC that reports on even more problems. Besides the loyalty program issues (Kwik Trip Rewards), technical issues have also affected product shortages and promotional pricing.

I checked my mobile Kwik Trip Rewards account and saw this message:

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

I haven't noticed any product shortages or other issues besides my reward card not working. Hopefully Kwik Trip can resolve this computer issue quickly.

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