They're set to start a two-year road construction project in Superior that will affect US Highway 2 and Belknap Street.  I'm sure Superior residents are exhausted with the road construction they've endured the last couple of years and it's starting once again. Here's the scoop!

There was the reconstruction of Tower Avenue, which looks incredible now.  During the construction phase it was an inconvenience to find another route since Tower is a major thoroughfare.  Plus, the businesses on the construction route stayed open and had to come up with ingenious ways to entice customers to battle through the construction and stop by their stores.  Then, there was construction of the round-a-bout at the base of the Bong Bridge. Not only was the Bong bridge off limits for quite some time, there was some apprehension on how to use the round-a-bout.  Of course, over time we've mastered it and it works pretty slick.

They'll be making improvements to the storm sewer, road, sidewalks and basically bringing those roadways up to date.  You'll see the cones go up first west of the intersections of Banks Avenue and Belknap Street.  Working eastward on Belknap Street to just past the intersection of Hill Avenue.  All the fun starts Monday, March 20th, so prepare yourselves. I can tell you that my co-host Ken is thrilled (said with a sarcastic tone).

I feel for those that use those roadways frequently, but I'll point out that your sacrifice and inconvenience now will be forgotten once they're done with the project.

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