We've got a new segment we do every Tuesday morning on the B105 Breakfast Club at 7:40 called Ken's Conspiracy Corner. It has to do mostly with paranormal, government cover ups, and trying to think objectively about what is really going on. This weeks segment has to do with a couple of UFO documentaries I've recently watched that changed my perspective of UFOs.

First is one I've watched before and shared with you. Unacknowledged is a fantastic documentary that will really turn your reality upside down. The vast amount of people that come forward in this film and say they've been a part of the government cover up is staggering. Would all of these people make this up with no financial gain? Many have come forward and had repercussions in their careers because of this. Warning, this documentary goes deep and even pins JFK's assassination on him wanting to go public about aliens. I was unsettled after watching this and it took me a few hours to bounce back, but I credit this as being the first documentary that made me a believer that we've been visited.


The next film I just finished watching yesterday called "Bob Lazar Flying Saucers and Area 51." I had heard a podcast on the Joe Rogan Experience where he interviewed the subject of the film: scientist Bob Lazar. Bob came out in 1989 saying he worked at a secret laboratory in a sub section of Area 51. According to Bob, his job was to reverse engineer an alien propulsion system. He claims the U.S. government has 9 alien crafts that they have test flied, are currently studying, and are trying to duplicate the technology.

The stories he tells are so far fetched that it really is hard to believe. BUT, after hearing him appear on Joe Rogan's podcast, I believe the guy. He has never made any money from this. If he was given any money, he's donated it to high school science programs. He doesn't want it and he calls it dirty money.  He and his friends have been targeted and ridiculed since him coming forward, and he lives with that every day.

This documentary brings a lot of information to the table. I worry some people may dismiss it though because the filmmaker does approach it with a somewhat panicked and sensationalized style. If you look beyond that and can find yourself believing in the guy, you'll change your perspective.


I was a skeptic on this stuff, not believing any of it until recently. But how about when the United States government releases video of US Navy pilots chasing a UFO? You start to think there is likely much more that we don't know.



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