Every Tuesday on the B105 Breakfast Club we talk about a conspiracy theory. The conspiracy that the earth is flat is probably the biggest, most far fetched, craziest, conspiracy out there. But if you open your mind long enough to consider it, you may surprise yourself.

I've never given this an objective look before. So I did a little reading up on it, and then I watched the documentary "Beyond The Curve." The center of the conspiracy theory basically is we live in a dome and our world is being controlled by "those who should not have power."

It sounds crazy.

For just a moment, however, I had a spark of curiosity. I've come to believe that there is so much we don't know about everything including our universe that who is to say what really is "real?" Are we really just a science experiment? Are we a virtual reality created by eternal beings for entertainment (credit: Joe Rogan)? Maybe we are in a giant Truman show?

But, no.

There's too much science that backs up the earth is round. Obviously we've been to space. Flat earthers believe that's all a lie. In the documentary you can even see the tests they've trying to prove the earth is flat, and it has failed.

I have to say as fascinating as the flat earth conspiracy theory is to hypothesize, it's just not true.

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