There have only been a handful of concerts at U.S Bank Stadium, but already the grumblings over poor acoustics are becoming deafening.  With that in mind, Kenny Chesney's sound crew has already visited the venue with hopes to solve those issues.

According to, Kenny Chesney's crew spent a long day this week walking to every corner, both high and low, of U.S. Bank Stadium.  They performed audio tests from all over the stadium so that they can best tailor his audio system to the venue.

Chesney's crew has the reputation of being the best in the business, doing advance acoustic work in other buildings as well.  Reports are they left Minneapolis feeling confident they can make the Kenny Chesney concert sound great from everywhere, and they'll leave their findings with local officials in hopes that it will positively impact future concerts.

Personally, I've seen Metallica and U2 at U.S. Bank Stadium and I was fortunate to be standing on the floor near the stage for both concerts.  From that vantage point, I thought everything sounded and looked great.  It was only after talking with people seated on the sides, or other locations that I realized there was an acoustic issue inside.

I wondered why they don't cover empty seats and if they're going to keep the massive glass doors shut, they should cover them as well to cut down on echo.

I truly hope Kenny Chesney's crew has the solution and I'm happy that early reports from them are positive.

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