This week in country music was jam-packed with new music videos from some of the hottest stars around! Read on to check 'em all out for yourself. Which one's your favorite of the week?

Keith Urban, "Never Comin' Down":

From the first listen, it's clear that Keith Urban’s new single “Never Comin’ Down” is a song that calls for dancing -- and lots of it. From that perspective, it's fitting that the song's music video is full of people doing exactly that. Keith tells People that in the video, he wanted to capture "the energy and spirit of being at a show — lost in the music, along with everyone else that’s there, whether you know them or not."

Directed by Carter Smith, the video follows a single guy being dropped off at a club (by none other than Urban). At first, he's awkward and self-conscious, but as drinks are poured and he watches everyone let loose, he soon joins in. “In casting, we took the people that were happiest to be themselves — whatever that was," Smith says. "We brought in voguers, break dancers, hip-hop dancers – line dancers – everybody’s dancing together for this one song, on this one night." -- CV

Kane Brown, "Weekend":

Can we live in Kane Brown's newest music video? The treatment is for his new song, “Weekend,” and it's pretty much the epitome of what a summer weekend should look like. There's a Wal-Mart run for weekend essentials, a gorgeous lake house, boat riding, tubing, slip-n-slides, fishing, fireworks and a gorgeous sunset. Oh, and it features the love of Brown's life, Katelyn Jae, who he's been engaged to since spring of 2017. The R&B-influenced song sounds just like a weekend should feel: Relaxed and easy.

Brown has been hard at work on his sophomore album, which is slotted for release on Nov. 9. He admits it's nerve-wracking following up his successful debut. "It's definitely very scary, because my debut album did better than I expected, and so now for this second album, I have to top that," he says. "That's making me grow as an artist, which I love, but it's also very intimidating." -- CV

Ashley Monroe, "Wild Love":

Ashley Monroe's song “Wild Love,” off of her latest album, Sparrow, is a force in itself, joining raw desire with a tranquility that runs deep. Just read some of the lyrics: “I want a wild, wild, wild love/ I need a stranger to pull my hair and call my name / Take me home and make me feel alive again / ‘Round and ’round, oh help me / God, it’s coursin’ through my veins / I don’t wanna deny myself."

The music video was filmed in the ethereal Tennesseean wild, featuring Monroe in a subtle slip dress as she basks in nature's beauty. Monroe tells People, "We went full-on Mother Earth, raw, wild love vibes for this video." In the treatment, Monroe embodies a self-assuredness that feels incredibly freeing. Much of the video's ambience was inspired by her relatively new role as a mama.

"I gained a whole new sense of strength and confidence when I became a mother. There’s such a freedom that comes with being comfortable with who you are and that’s when you’re at your sexiest and most beautiful," she says. "I wanted the 'Wild Love' video to capture that sense of peace that comes with letting go and feeling good about who you are.” -- CV

Aaron Lee Tasjan, "Heart Slows Down":

Aaron Lee Tasjan heats up the screen in the sultry music video for his song, "Heart Slows Down." Directed by Joshua Britt & Neilson Hubbard of Neighborhood Apart Productions, the grainy, retro-feel footage is reminiscent of a James Bond opening sequence, with silhouetted dancers and changing hues.

Blurred, tilted and distorted images create a backdrop for the lyrics about a lover who is patiently waiting for his beloved's heart to slow down enough for him to catch up. Featuring a whole lot of throw-back psychedelic vibes along with a little bit of country twang, Tasjan's video captures a 1970s aura. "Heart Slows Down" is from Tasjan's upcoming album, Karma for Cheap. -- LS

Abby Anderson, "Make Him Wait":

Abby Anderson reminds us that it's okay to "Make Him Wait" in the new music video for her latest single. The up-and-coming artist delivers lyrics that talk about setting higher standards for a romantic possibility, and meanwhile, the scene of a first date plays out. In this case, the leading lady's date demonstrates impeccable manners as he opens doors, switches to the street side of the sidewalk when they walk downtown and proves his patience. "Make Him Wait" will be included on Anderson's debut EP I'm Good, due out Sept. 7. -- LS

Chase Rice, "Eyes on You":

Chase Rice's "Eyes on You" music video gives fans a glimpse into his ideal days: fishing, snowboarding and wakeboarding, all with friends by his side. The singer and his crew spent three days in California putting the clip together.

Rice and the young lady in the video have since parted ways amicably, the singer tells Taste of Country: "It’s a cool deal because it’s not one of those hateful breakups. She’s an awesome girl. It’s just not the right time right now," he says. But that wasn't the only tough break that came out of this video: Rice also tore his pectoral muscle during the last snowboard run of the shoot. -- LS

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