Not sure what to do on a Friday night? Why not sing with Keith Urban!

Dylan Brekke did just that this past Friday (April 27), after he couldn't get his friends to come out. As first reported by Taste of Country, Brekke saw a post from Urban on Instagram about a free show he was playing just one night before he was scheduled to be the headliner at Stagecoach. Brekke's friends wouldn't commit to the show so, like any true music lover, he opted to go alone.

Brekke, an inspiring singer, continued to the make the most out of his night out on the town by making connections with those around him and calling out to Urban when there was a lull in the music.

"I shout out to Keith — and I'm in the second row — 'You inspired me to pick up the guitar!'" Brekke told Taste of Country. "And he turns to me and says, in his cool kick-ass Australian accent, 'I'm the reason you picked up a guitar, mate?'"

The connection to Don McClean's "American Pie" was made when Brekke and Urban were talking and Brekke told him that he once played for the well-known singer. The audience loved the idea of Urban and Brekke singing the song together, and Brekke soon found himself onstage with one of the biggest names in country music. Press play below to see the duet!

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After singing together Bekke asked for one more thing: an autograph for his mom, who would be seeing Urban at Stagecoach the next day.

"He signed my shirt, 'Hi mom! Keith Urban,'" he said. "Keith ... I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You and Nicole are so sweet and the fact that you saw potential in me, I'll forever be grateful."

Urban's latest release, Graffiti U, is available now. More information about Urban can be found on his official website, and readers can click here to see a full list of tour dates.

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