In Kane Brown's new music video for his song "Weekend," the country music hitmaker and his friends head out for a day on the lake — a day that included everything from boating to floating to hanging out by a bonfire and beautiful fireworks. If it looked like fun, that's because it was, even if Brown saw his life flash before his eyes.

"This was the easiest music video I have ever done," Brown admits to Taste of Country. “It looks like it might have been scripted or something, but it really wasn’t. It was just a really fun day. I just had my friends over — it wasn’t hard to get people to show up."

The video shows Brown enjoying some time tubing with his fiancee, Katelyn Jae, and his friends on a picturesque afternoon, but the "Heaven" singer says there was a point during the day that he was almost scared to death — literally.

“I thought I had died at one point while we were tubing," Brown says. One of the country singer's friends — whom he insists he "loves to death" — is a big guy, to the tune of 350 pounds. But his buddy to go tubing, and he wanted to go with Brown.

"As soon as the boat started pulling us, I knew it was a bad idea," Brown admits, laughing.

As the two were getting pulled around the lake by the boat, their tubes started hitting one another, resulting in one hit that Brown recalls made him feel like he got "hit by a truck." From there, the tubing pair hit each other "2 or 3 more times" before water got in Brown’s face, and he couldn’t see what was coming at him next ...

... his friend was about to land on top of him.

“I couldn’t see him or the tube, but next thing I know I see them both of 'em about 15 feet in the air and about to land on me," Brown recounts, now in hysterics. "I thought, ‘I’m about to die.' It was hysterical."

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As he prepares to release his second country album (Nov. 9), Brown is enjoying life to the fullest. "Weekend" gives a taste of what's to be expected on the project, as does a song called "Lose It," which is the first radio single to be released.

"This album is really all over the place," Brown admits of his sophomore album. "It’s almost like an experiment of sorts. I’m trying to just listen to what country fans are leaning toward."

Summer — and days like the "Weekend" video shoot — are dwindling, but Brown isn't done having fun. He's got more tour dates with Brad Paisley, including shows Thursday (Aug. 30) in New Jersey, Friday (Aug. 31) in North Carolina and Saturday (Sept. 1) in Kentucky.

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