Kacey Musgraves called out American Airlines in a post on Twitter after a flight that she described as "the most intense and honestly f---ing awful."

The star-crossed hit-maker took to the social media platform after flying from Spain with the airline. Although she noted that she doesn't often call out businesses online, she explained that she was trying to protect other people from having to undergo a similar experience.

"I wish it were as simple as complaining about the broken seat that wouldn't recline for 7 hours overnight or there being no wifi," Musgraves wrote in a statement that appeared to be composed using the Notes app.

She instead focused on "the appalling and shockingly hostile behavior of a certain male employee (the flight's chief purser)." Musgraves slammed him for "his extremely overblown, unnecessary aggression and erratic behavior."

"He made me feel unsafe and upset to the point of crying and I witnessed another passenger he also made cry," the "Rainbow" singer claimed. "The female flight attendants on board vocalized their own disbelief, and struggles with him as well."

Musgraves added that she would be filing a complaint with the company. She explained that the post on Twitter served a purpose: "I need to make it extra known that you have a liability on your hands with this man."

Check out Musgraves' tweet below:

A representative for the airline replied and noted that the comments caused "concern."

They reached out to the singer via DM after Musgraves wrote that they were having issues making contact on the app.

Unfortunately, this was not the only complaint against American Airlines that surfaced this week.

TMZ noted that another flyer called out the company after allegedly being served a salad that appeared to have bugs in it.

“The business class was over $10,000 round trip and this is the quality of service. Food with live bugs being served and a staff that simply laughed it off and asked if I wanted a different salad,” the customer said.

American Airlines shared a statement with TMZ about the claim. "We’re concerned about this report, as what the customer is describing is not up to our standards," the airline said. "A member of our team has reached out to the customer to apologize and learn more about their experience."

They added that they will be investigating the matter.

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