From afar, it may seem that Kacey Musgraves lives in a land of unicorns and bright lights, but even she feels the stress of a world that often feels like it’s crumbling down. In a new interview, Musgraves talks about this fragile world, and how it has changed the way she looks at just about everything.

“There are so many issues,” she says. “Everyone’s on a soapbox and has an opinion. It’s just loud and churning people up in not always great ways.”

So instead of complaining, Musgraves says she decided to focus on the positive.

“I wanted to focus on the beauty in the world,” she explains. “There are these parts of life we’re all missing because we’re getting hit over the head by the 'fake news' 24 hours a day. They’re — whatever side you’re on — keeping you churned up, and we’re missing all this good in our world.”

This positive look eventually even materialized into a song “Oh, What a World,” and continues to keep Musgraves looking for life’s silver lining.

“Bringing people together, even in some of these ways that are ugly, creates community,” remarks the "High Horse" singer. “In the clashing, maybe they can find common ground. To me, if music and social commentary go hand in hand, we can also show people how to come together.”

Musgraves says she focuses on the good things in life, simple things such as being kind and knowing right from wrong.

“There’s a place and time for everything,” she concludes. “After a day of being inundated by the latest crap on gotcha news, who wants to hear more of it? I think it’s more important to create an escape and a reminder of the beauty around us, the people we love — and to keep our focus on that. If we start there instead, who knows what might happen?”

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