Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson came to quarterback Kirk Cousin's defense recently. Jefferson was on The Jim Rome show on February 3, when Jim asked him about Cousins.

Jim Rome lead with the fact that Cousins has nearly 4300 yards on the season, 35 touchdowns, but for some reason still takes a lot of heat. He asked what Jefferson's reaction was when he hears the criticism, and what it's like to play with cousins.

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According to Vikingsterritory.com, Jefferson stood by his quarterback and said he's the reason he had 1400 receiving yards this season (setting an NFL rookie record),

“He definitely takes a lot of heat, he takes way more heat than he really deserves. If you look at the numbers he’s on the top of the league. He’s been doing a lot of things for this team and for this offense. I don’t really understand why he gets so much criticism. All of those losses that we had wasn’t on him. Of course, we’d like to take some plays back and redo some plays but that’s just how it is. You don’t play perfectly, especially in this league, and to see the things that he has done I really don’t know why he gets so much criticism. He’s the reason why I had 1,400 yards.”

So what is it with Kirk Cousins? A lot of us Vikings Fans have needed to put the blame on someone. There are times when it feels like Kirk doesn't have the spark to change the momentum of the game. As Cousins has said before, the criticism comes with the job. It was a horrendous start to the Minnesota Vikings last season. At times they looked like a championship team, but then a week later they looked like a train wreck. Injuries on the defense further led to the season's demise.

Blaming the Vikings woes on Kirk? Justin Jefferson says that's not Kirk's fault.

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