On Wednesday (June 5,) “Make Me Want To” hitmaker Jimmie Allen headed to not only the CMT Awards, but also to his Instagram page to share a special message to his son Aadyn.

“Happy 5th birthday to my son Aadyn,” Allen wrote just hours before performing his No. 1 hit “Best Shot” at the awards show.  “I love you so much!!!! You have taught me unconditional love and sacrifice. It’s a blessing getting to watch you grow.”

Indeed, it was yet another night in which Allen’s heart found itself in more places than one, especially as his son grows up and prepares to hit so many important milestones. One of those most recent milestones was Aadyn’s preschool graduation last month, and yes, it was a milestone that Allen had to miss thanks to a scheduling issue.

Yet, he tries to take it all in stride, as much as possible.

“I got upset over missing his preschool graduation, but the people try to remind me that he knows I love him,” Allen told Taste of Country shortly after a recent set as an opener on tour with Rascal Flatts. “I made his preschool picnic, so that was awesome.”

With such a busy schedule, Allen says he tries to make sure every moment counts when they are together.

“The little moments that I get to have with him are so important,” Allen says. “That’s why I try to do vacations so big. That’s why we go to Disney for two weeks for Christmas. I just try to make as much time with him as possible. Like this year, from December 22 through January 10, I’m not going to do anything.”

Allen will be supporting Chris Young on his Raised on Country Tour, and he'll also support Rascal Flatts on select dates of their Summer Playlist Tour.

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