Jerrod Niemann didn't know what he was in for when he agreed to do do an interview with WGNA deejay Nick Kessler.

Kessler has been doing his best to give the worst interviews ever — to purposely make country stars as uncomfortable as possible while talking to them. Some of his recent victims include Toby Keith, Eric Paslay, Mike Young and Dustin Lynch. But Niemann used a different approach to combat the awkwardness: one word answers.

In the hilarious clip, the quirky radio host rapid-fires questions right after another in no particular order and in a very even tone and with a look of disparity on his face, Niemann simply answers every single one of them.

But he did have more to say when Kessler asked what Niemann throws back when he will "Drink to That All Night."

"Anything but O'Doul's," the country singer responds with a chuckle.

As if the whole exchange wasn't awkward enough already, Kessler decides to take questions from a fan.

"Debbie from Schenectady ... wants to know your size?" he asks, before quickly realizing she probably meant sign. Words can't describe Niemann's priceless reaction, so we suggest you just watch the video instead.

From this interview though, no matter how awkward it may be, we do learn that Niemann used to work on a ranch, he is originally from Kansas and he does indeed enjoy playing music, because after all, he has nothing better to do.

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