With one baby in the house and another on the way, Jason Aldean's life is rapidly changing these days—in ways he never could have anticipated back in the younger days of his career.

For one thing, his tour bus is getting a bit more crowded, with some extra pieces of furniture. “It’s got two cribs in the bus, which I never in the early days of my touring career thought I’d ever do that, but it’s different,” he told People. “It’s a lot different now than it was the early part of my career. Things are settled down.”

“I got playpens sitting outside my bus on college football. I’m watching college football and [son Memphis] is in the playpen. That was never a thing early on, so it’s cool.”

Aldean told Taste of Country Nights back in May that he appreciates being able to take his little boy out on the road with him, something that wasn't possible when his two older children were younger. "Back when [my daughters] were born, when I was touring I was on one bus with my whole band—there was 12 of us on a bus," he explained. "So I wasn’t in a position to be able to carry them out a whole lot back then."

Aldean and wife Brittany are expecting their second child together, a daughter—so Memphis (who turns 1 in December) will soon have a buddy to play with out on the road.

Aldean's remarks were prior to his performance at the 2018 iHeartMusic Festival in Las Vegas Friday (Sept. 21). This marks almost a year since he played the city Oct. 1, 2017—the night a shooter opened fire on the crowd during his set, killing 58 people.

Aldean chose to remember the date by honoring the city's first responders, many of whom joined him on stage. "On behalf of myself and my family and the country music community, I want to say thank you to the city of Las Vegas for your courage, strength and kindness,” the singer said. “Tonight we are all proud to be Vegas strong.”

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