Jake Owen goes big or goes home when it comes to a themed outfit. He recently picked up a brand new suit, and posted a video on Instagram.

Pants, jacket and tie — all in a perfectly matching tropical pattern, complete with flamingos and palm trees. Owen somehow radiates a “Las Vegas motel” vibe in his new blue-green duds, with fans likely half-expecting it to light up in pink neon at the touch of a button. (Something tells us he would be fine with that.)

The video shows Owen in what appears to be a tour bus, displaying his outfit for the camera and hitting a few poses for good measure. “I even went with the tie on this thing,” he brags. "You know you want one. Don’t lie."

According to the caption, he nabbed the gem of a suit at Kohl’s for $79. Owen modeling a flamingo-flanked suit, for everyone to see, though? Priceless.

The Florida-born singer has been hard at work on new music, having just given fans a sneak peek of a future single via another Instagram video. In the clip, he strums an acoustic wearing similarly beachy Bermuda shorts (on which flamingos also feature prominently), playing a song that could be named "Girls," though the official title is yet to be announced. The catchy tune is a tribute to the ladies, about which Owen is well-versed, and seems to fit snugly within his overall persona.

He also recently released a new single called "Good Company" off his album American Love.

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