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While some of us are still running around trying to finish our holiday shopping, here's a heads-up on where to score the best after-Christmas deals of 2023 here in Minnesota.

Most of us have figured out by now that you can grab some serious deals on Christmas decorations, lights, wrapping paper, and more right after the big day is done. (My wife and I say we're going to upgrade our Christmas tree lights during various after-Christmas sales every year, but we have yet to pull it off, though this might be the year we do it...)

According to DealsNews.com, there are some other serious deals to be had right after Christmas is done this year too. Although, as DealsNews points out, many of them might be known by a different name.

Plenty of stores will have After-Christmas sales in 2023, but they may go by names like end-of-season sales or clearance events. Amazon, Nike, and Target are a few top stores to check out for post-Christmas savings, though many other retailers will be offering After-Christmas sales.

So, whether you're looking for some last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers for this year or are getting a headstart on those After-Christmas sales, DealsNews says these are the hottest places and categories in the Land of 10,000 Lakes to check here in 2023:

Holiday Decor - DealsNews says you can look to various retailers for savings of up to 75% on things like artificial trees, light strings and more at several different stores.

Amazon -  During the After Christmas sales in 2022, DealsNews says Amazon offered discounts on cutlery, cookware, and bakeware. Amazon also cut prices on Kindle books, home goods, and holiday decor, and offered brand-specific discounts like up to 50% off JBL headphones.

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Nike - According to DealsNews, you can likely see great discounts on Nike activewear to pursue fitness goals in the new year. Last year, popular post-Christmas offers included the following:

Target - DealsNews also says that Minnesota's own Target is one retailer to check out for some decent After-Christmas sales too. Expect discounted products at Target to include clothing, shoes, home goods, and even toys and electronics. Savings may get better as time goes on, but note that the selection will likely dwindle quickly. If you wait too long to buy, you may miss out altogether.

And while we're talking about shopping, are there some big things on your list this year? Remember what some of those must-have items were when we were growing up? Keep scrolling to check out some of the hottest Christmas gifts, toys and fads from the last 100 years!

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