When I was a kid, pizza was something we had delivered on Sunday nights from a chain restaurant. It was fine but definitely not worth bragging about. But, then something happened in the late '90s or early 2000s, pizza became trendy, and now you'll find a huge variety of flavors and styles at restaurants

A team of writers at the Washington Post recently dove deep into millions of Yelp reviews to find the top pizza spots in each state. And, they didn't just look for the best overall pizza in Minnesota, they broke it down by style.

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How Much Pizza Do You Eat?

Slice Life says the average American will eat 46 slices each year which is roughly 23 pounds of pizza!

Whether you crave deep dish, New York, or Sicilian, you'll find Minnesota restaurants around the state specializing in your preferred pizza style, and you can see the ones that do it best below.

The Best New York Style Pizza in Minnesota

USA Today says the most popular style of pizza in America is NY Style which is thin crust with famously huge slices.

In America, the most popular pizza style hails from the Big Apple. This is because many pizzas enjoyed nationwide owe their basic shape to the New York style. While not as large or thin as traditional New York pizza, pizza from chains such as Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, and Domino's are all based on New York slices. - USA Today

The top 3 places to get a slice of NY Style Pizza in Minnesota are:

  • ElMar's New York Pizza in Plymouth
  • Nino's Pizzeria in Maplewood
  • Tommie's Pizza in St. Paul


The Best Chicago Style Pizza in Minnesota

The second most famous style of pizza has to be Chicago and there are several places in Minnesota that offer a delicious deep dish.


The best Chicago-style pizza in Minnesota can be found at:

  • Pizzeria Pezzo in Woodbury
  • Wrecktangle Pizza in Minneapolis
  • Ole Piper Family Restaurant and Sports Bar in Rosemount

23 different Minnesota pizza restaurants were featured by the Washington Post including Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis for its Neapolitan style, Bricksworth Beer Co. in Burnsville for its Detroit-style pizza, and Mario's in St. Paul for its Sicilian pizza.

16 Minnesota Pizza Joints Reviewed by Barstool Sports

Founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, isn't just known for his blog, he also has a popular video series called One Bite where he reviews different pizza joints. These are the 16 that he's reviewed in Minnesota in order from lowest to highest rating.

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