The Minnesota Zoo has unique events that they put on throughout the year. Most of them are family-friendly but over the past few years, they've added adult-only events.

These adult-only events are typically in the evening after regular zoo hours. Some are 18+ and others are 21+ and they usually have some sort of theme.

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Adult-Only Events at the Minnesota Zoo

The zoo typically hosts adult-only events either on Saturdays or Thursdays. This winter/spring they're being hosted on Saturdays, which is great for those of us who have to make a bit of a drive to get to the Minnesota Zoo.

They're also only hosted once a month. So if you're hoping to check out the zoo child-free, you'll want to grab some tickets.

Their next adult-only night is on Saturday, February 17th and, of course, the theme is Valentine's related. Then there's one on Saturday, March 16th which is Staycation themed. And Saturday, April 20th's adult-only night theme is Spring into Spring.

Then in May, they have one of their more popular adult-only nights back this year.

Bears and Brews Back at the Minnesota Zoo

The first three adult-only nights I just mentioned are all 18+. The one in May, however, is 21+ and that one's called Bears and Brews.

I believe last year was the first year the zoo hosted this event and it was met with lots of enthusiasm because they've brought it back.

At Bears and Brews, there will be food and adult beverages for purchase. But there will also be local breweries there giving out samples. So that explains the 'Brews' part of the name. What about the 'Bears'?

Around the time this event is held is when the bears are coming out of torpor and getting ready for warmer weather. Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center writes, "Unlike hibernation, torpor is involuntary and lasts for just a few hours during the daytime." So this event is in celebration of that and also an excuse to hang out and drink good beer!

Bears and Brews will be on Saturday, May 11th 6-9 PM. Tickets aren't available yet but they say on their website that they're available "early 2024" so I'd think they'll be up soon.

Tickets for the other adult-only nights are available, though, and those are going for $15 per person.

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