As a coffee lover, I typically stick with what I know to be delicious. For example, my go-to drip coffee is usually Minnesota's own Caribou Coffee Lakeshore. Or if I'm going out for coffee I usually get a vanilla latte with oat milk.

But I may need to change up my drip coffee routine (sorry Caribou, I still love you) because the results are in for the best coffee brands in America. No, Caribou is not on the list. Neither is Starbucks.

Pavel Timofeyev, Thinkstock
Pavel Timofeyev, Thinkstock

How the Best Coffee Brands Were Determined

This study was done by the experts over at Food Network. They, first, picked coffee brands that are "readily available" and got "plenty of positive reviews". Then they brewed all of those brands for pour-over, except, obviously, their K-cup testing and espresso testing.

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Before we move on, what the heck is pour-over coffee?

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In case you don't know, pour-over coffee in my opinion is best compared to drip coffee machines. But with pour-over, you have a cone-shaped tool that goes on top of your mug. Then you put the filter in that, put the grounds in the filter, and pour boiling water over the top. Hence, pour-over.

Here's what it looks like:

Calvin Craig, Unsplash
Calvin Craig, Unsplash

Ok, so the experts tested all of the coffee using the pour-over method. After testing each, they determined the winners of the following categories:

Best Budget Coffee

Best Splurge Cofee

Best Espresso

Best Flavored Coffee

Best K-Cups

Best Decaf

and Best Overall Coffee

The Results!

After the Food Network experts did their testing they released their results for 2024! We'll get to the best winner overall and where you can get this coffee brand in Minnesota in a moment.

But first, the winners of the other categories are:

Best Budget: Cafe Bustelo

Best Splurge: Intelligentsia's Choice

Best Espresso: Stumptown Hair Bender

Best Flavored: Chicago French Press

Best K-Cups: The Organic Coffee Co.

Best Decaf: Peet's Decaf Major Dickason's Blend

The Best Coffee Brand in America

And the winner of the best overall coffee brand in America for 2024 is... La Colombe!

Have you seen this brand at stores before?

Target, La Colombe
Target, La Colombe

They're actually available in so many stores!

Where to Find the Best Coffee in America in Minnesota

The main stores where you'll be able to find La Colombe coffee in Minnesota are Targets, Walmarts, Walgreens, and Cub Foods.

They won't necessarily be available at every location of those stores, so make sure to check La Colombe's 'Where to Buy' first, but for me personally, I've always seen them at any Target I've gone to.

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