New Item Is Selling Out Fast at Popular Wisconsin-Based Gas Stations

I spend so much time at Kwik Trip that when I walk inside those front doors near the ATM machines, I can immediately tell when something is different.  I had that feeling this week when I stopped to grab eggs and milk on my way home from work.  As I got closer to the glass door for the milk, I heard a teenager loudly say, "this place has it".  The gangly teenager grabbed something near the milk as his friend was standing there with a smile.

I didn't want to look like a boomer that was stalking them so I tried not to stare too much but as soon as they took off, I grabbed the same bottle that they did.

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Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Check Out The New Item That Just Showed Up at Kwik Trip Stores in Minnesota and Wisconsin

If the teenagers are loving whatever this new item is, my teenager will probably love it too.  I grabbed the same bottle, checked out, heard the "see you next time" and brought this bottle of vanilla milkshake flavored milk back to my house.

After a bit of researching (aka Googling), I found out that Kwik Trip just told the world the following news:

ATTENTION: New milk just dropped and it tastes like melted ice cream in a bottle.


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Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Does The New Vanilla Milkshake at Kwik Trip Stores Really Taste Like Ice Cream?

We did a blind taste test at my house to see if the new Vanilla Milkshake lived up to the statement of being liquid ice cream.

I'm lactose intolerant so this new drink is a no-go for me.  I don't care how much Lactaid you offer me, the pain is not worth it.  My kid took a swig though and although he wasn't too sure about the smell at first, he smiled and said, "it actually tastes like ice cream".

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What Product Do You Think Kwik Trip Should Bring To Their Stores Next?

A few people I know would love to see a Culver's store inside of a Kwik Trip.  I'm not sure if that would ever happen but it would be pretty awesome to get a Butterburger at a Kwik Trip.  What other genius ideas should Kwik Trip develop and bring to their fans?  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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