11 Things You Should Never Buy at a Dollar Store in Minnesota

If you've been pinching pennies and looking for good deals, one of the top spots in Minnesota to grab those bargains is a Dollar Store.  This store is also one of the hot spots for those who are super crafty with those Cricut machines!  Before you start filling up those carts though, there are 11 items you may want to just leave on the shelf.

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11 Items You Should NEVER Buy at a Minnesota Dollar Store

$1.25 sounds like a great price, but is it a great value for these products? According to several major publications, no.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Need $500 To Replace That Old Appliance in Your House?

Not sure what your credit card statement looks like right now but mine is atrocious!  Right after Christmas, I had the fun joy of having my washing machine die.  "Joy" is a bit of an understatement.  Reading reviews and shopping for a new washing machine on New Year's Eve was not the way I thought I'd be ringing in the New Year.  But, if you've got kids, a washing machine is basically a must-have item.  Well, a working washing machine is a must-have item.

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2023 was another year of final goodbyes for several businesses and restaurants in Rochester, Minnesota.

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