It's been hard to make a buck in recent times. While you might see your paycheck go into your bank account, you watch it leave just as quickly. Just like other places, cities in Wisconsin have fallen on hard times.

A new study shows the cities in Wisconsin that have been struggling financially the most. This doesn't mean that these cities aren't thriving in other ways, but you do need money to get things done.

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Finding Wisconsin's Poorest Cities

The website took a dive into the data to find which cities in Wisconsin are amongst the poorest. After looking at federal data for cities with more than 5,000 people, data like those city's poverty level and median household income, they were able to rank the cities.

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There's a lot more that can make a city a "poor" city but money and financials are probably the best places to look. No matter where these cities rank, they still have unique cultures, traditions, and events just like other cities that you might consider a "richer" city in Wisconsin.

The Poorest Cities In Wisconsin

For the past 10 years, we've now known the poorest cities in Wisconsin thanks to Who is within the top 10 this year? Take a look.
  1. Racine
  2. La Crosse
  3. Antigo
  4. Menomonie
  5. Rhinelander
  6. Rice Lake
  7. Milwaukee
  8. Ashland
  9. Platteville
  10. Whitewater

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