A longtime mystery in Illinois is finding renewed interest thanks to Instagram.

There are weird, random things in every state. Wisconsin has a pyramid in the middle of park. Iowa has butter cows.

Iowa and Illinois, despite both of us being landlocked, have islands. One of them is for sale for $1.5 million in Iowa, if you'd like to own some land in the middle of the Mississippi River.

But one in Illinois is going viral for it's long-lasting mystery.

Volvo Island

Google Maps
Google Maps

Officially named 'Volvo Island' on Google Maps, the mysterious mini island sits near Ottumwa. The weird part: a single 2001 s80 sedan is the only thing on the island and the island is pretty much just big enough for the car.

Secret Chicago reports that Scott Mann, who is a proprietor of two car-repair shops nearby, the man-made lake the island is on was a mine before it was flooded.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Mann allegedly towed the Volvo onto the island when it was still connected to land in 2012 and excavated around it to make the island fit the car itself. His intent was for folks to try to guess how the car got there, but he abandoned the idea after 38-foot-deep water surrounded Volvo Island.

Recent Instagram posts about the "life-changing experience" have renewed interest in the car.

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Volvo Island is listed as a tourist attraction, featuring reviews including the words and phrases: "rich in history", "majestic", and a "premier tourist attraction".

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