A fancy Chicagoland mansion is for sale and it has a very unique, niche area.

I love scrolling through Zillow looking at houses I'll never be able to afford. One of them is in Northbrook, Illinois and according to the listing, is a mere $3.2 million.

It's at 2370 White Oak Drive and is the epitome of luxury. It's very opulent, over 20,000 square feet, and has all the stuff you'd probably think of in a fancy house. A double-staircase when you walk in with a big chandelier, a two-story foyer, a huge kitchen with a double island, a full gym, and 6 bedrooms each with their own en-suite bathrooms. It has a total of 11 bathrooms and a fancy big dining room, so this is the house that can host the family at Thanksgiving.

As you can probably guess, the backyard is ridiculously nice. It has a pool, waterslide, waterfall, a 4-car garage, a sauna, and all kinds of fancy amenities. This is the kind of huge, elaborate house that makes you think to yourself "that place would need an entire staff". And if you moved into that place, you could probably afford that.

But it has one room that you wouldn't necessarily expect to see in a fancy house. It's a perfect room for a certain kind of collector. It's a wholesome hobby but my question is how passionate were this home's prior residents about this one specific thing?

Scroll down to see pictures of the posh Chicagoland mansion and it's surprise room!

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