ST. PAUL (WJON News) -- Minnesota has the best roads in the nation, that's according to a just-released report.

Minnesota's roads were ranked number one by a Consumer Affairs analysis.

Minnesota's ranking is based on the most recent available data from the U.S. Department of Transportation on road safety and quality, miles traveled, and spending on road improvements.

Minnesota's fatalities per 100 miles driven is 0.76.  The rural roughness score is 3% and the urban roughness score is 5%.  Minnesota spends over $4.3 billion annually on road improvements, and over $5.4 billion a year on total road expenditures.

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Last year Governor Tim Walz signed a $2.6 billion infrastructure bill into law, which was the largest infrastructure bill in state history. In 2020 there was a $1.9 billion investment in the state's infrastructure.

The Top 5 States with the best roads are:
#1) -- Minnesota
#2) -- Alabama
#3) -- Indiana
#4) -- New Hampshire
#5) -- Vermont

The Top 5 States with the worst roads are:
#50) - Rhode Island
#49) - Hawaii
#48) - California
#47) - Louisiana
#46) - Wisconsin


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