There's a pizza place in downtown St. Cloud that will soon have another location in Minnesota; in the form of a food truck.

Rochester is going to be the lucky location of Waldo's Pizza, and Rochester fans are super excited to have Waldo's coming back to town.

Waldo's has been in business in the St. Cloud area for 30 years, and the new food truck has been on the minds of the owners for a good fifteen years. But you may not have known that Waldo's Pizza was once a part of the Rochester community having three locations at one time, in that area.

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According to the owners, finding the 'right truck' was important. Waldo's hopes to have all the bells and whistles on the truck, with inspections to follow towards the end of May. There will still be some finishing touches that need to be done after that, so people in Rochester should be able to look for Waldo's Pizza Truck sometime in July.

People in Rochester love Waldo's pizza so much that they will frequent St. Cloud quite often just to get a slice of Waldo's original recipe pizza, with that dough made fresh daily.


My question is; where will you be able to visit the truck? Will it be present at area events? Will it be parked outside the Mayo Clinic? Will it be in a parking lot in downtown Rochester? At this point, the location has not been made known, but you can probably follow Waldo's Pizza on Facebook to learn more as July approaches


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