Minnesota fishing fans must be licking their lips as another new state record has emerged from the depths of one of our many rivers in the land of 10,000+ lakes. This time the catch was made down in Redwood County, and it was a record Mooneye.

This angler was over the moon for this mooneye!

Robert Dale Tufts II of Franklin, MN landed this record mooneye in Redwood County earlier in May. The fish weighed in at two pounds and one ounce, and 18 inches long!

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife division posted the catch on July 2nd, noting that it was a record Mooneye, and checking the online records, it would beat out the previous top catch, made in 1980.

The previous best was 1 pound and 15 ounces, and 16 1/2 inches long. The previous record also came from Redwood County, on the Minnesota River.

According to the University of Minnesota, "The mooneye is present in all of Minnesota's major drainages, except for the upper Mississippi River and Lake Superior drainage systems. Like the goldeye, this fish prefers the quiet areas of large rivers and their connected lakes and marshy backwaters."

It seems that with each new week here in 2024, we learn about a new record catch, which is great news for those of us who enjoy fishing whether it's on ice or open water.

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If you are curious if your catch is a new state record, you'll want to bookmark this page for the rules on turning in a possible record to the state DNR and remember pictures or it didn't happen!

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