Lainey Wilson's tour schedule is taking her to Australia this month, so it's only fitting that country music's most famous Aussie, Keith Urban, gave her some pointers about what to expect.

A new social media clip shows Wilson flagging Urban down, bags in hand. He loads her stuff into his pickup truck and she jumps in the shotgun seat, and en route to the airport, Urban tells her everything she needs to know for her first visit Down Under.

"Do you guys have, like, big snakes and everything like that?" Wilson asks.

"Yeah," Urban replies, "although the little ones are usually the bigger problem. Redback spider, yeah, they're deadly, and they love toilet seats, so good luck with that."

Elsewhere, Urban asks Wilson if she's all packed — and seems a little bit perplexed when she tells him she's got all her "thongs" with her.

"My flip-flops!" Wilson clarifies with a laugh.

"Yes! That's literally what they're called, flip-flops, in Australia," Urban agrees.

They pull up to the airport, and Urban unloads Wilson's bags out of the bed of his truck. "I'm so excited to be going to your home," she tells him.

"Honestly? I wish I could go home with you," he replies, before adding, "That's a good song title. We should do that."

"I like that," Wilson agrees.

By the end of the clip, it's clear that this isn't just an innocent airport ride — Wilson and Urban have something up their sleeve, perhaps an upcoming collaboration called "Wish I Could Go Home With You."

It would make sense if the two superstars have a duet pending. In a recent interview with Taste of Country, Urban hinted that he had an exciting upcoming new duet, and that he was impatiently waiting to name names.

"There's one duet on the record, which is going to come out later this year, that I'm super psyched about. It's been frustrating, because we finished it in June last year," he said. "So I've been sitting on this thing since then, driving me crazy, just really wanting to get it out. So there it is."

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Between playing taxi driver for Wilson and giving a surprise show at the Nashville C Concourse food court early this month, Urban certainly has been spending a lot of time at the airport lately.

Wilson will be spending lots of time in airports, too: Her Australia shows kick off on March 17 with a set at CMC Rocks QLD 2024 in Ipswich.

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