Brantley Gilbert isn't quite done with his So Help Me God album era. The singer announced Friday (Feb. 24) the addition of five new tracks to the project for the So Help Me God (Deluxe Edition), arriving April 21.

The five new tracks are "Wrote the Book Around Here," "Tailgates of Heaven," "Bury Me Upside Down," "All Over the Map" and "Behind the Times." Gilbert co-wrote each of the new tracks, and he collaborated with a group of songwriters including Michael Ray, Randy Montana, Hunter Phelps and more.

According to Gilbert, the new tracks follow the first portion of the album in showcasing his diverse musical styles.

"We’ve always been a little outside of the box when it comes to writing and recording,” the star says in a press release. “It’s not necessarily something we’ve done on purpose, but it tends to happen because we always try to serve the song as it takes shape rather than shaping the song to serve us."

“If a song is asking for a harder edge, let’s do that," he adds. "If it feels a little more introspective, let’s lean into that. This album intersects across a lot of different genres, and we’re proud to say that it’s something that happened naturally."

Of the new songs, "Behind the Times" reportedly "expands" upon his current single, "Heaven by Then," featuring Vince Gill and Blake Shelton. The original edition of the album was released on Nov. 10, 2022.

The deluxe edition of So Help Me God is available for pre-order here. The release comes months before Gilbert hits the road with Nickelback for the Get Rollin' Tour

 Brantley Gilbert's So Help Me God (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist: 

1. “Heaven by Then” with Blake Shelton featuring Vince Gill (Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Michael Hardy, Jake Mitchell, Randy Montana, Hunger Phelps, Taylor Phillips)
2. “Rolex on a Redneck” featuring Jason Aldean (Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Michael Hardy, Randy Montana, Taylor Phillips)
3. “Miles of Memories” (Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Josh Phillips)
4. “She’s the One” (Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Taylor Phillips)
5. “The Worst Country Song of All Time” featuring Toby Keith and HARDY (Brantley Gilbert, Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Will Weatherly)
6. “Son of the Dirty South” featuring Jelly Roll (Brantley Gilbert, Andrew Baylis, Jason Bradley DeFord)
7. “How to Talk to Girls” (Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Brian Wayne Davis, Brandon Day, Chase McGill, Josh Phillips, Taylor Phillips, Michael Ray)
8. “Little Piece of Heaven” (Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Greylan James, Taylor Phillips, Cole Taylor)
9. “Gone But Not Forgotten” (Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Jason Blaine, Jay Brunswick)
10. “So Help Me God” (Brantley Gilbert, Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Will Weatherly)
11. "Wrote the Book Around Here" (Brantley Gilbert, Hunter Phelps, Josh Phillips, Will Weatherly)
12. "Tailgates of Heaven" (Brantley Gilbert, Derek George, Josh Phillips)
13. "Bury Me Upside Down" (Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, Brian Davis, Brandon Day, Chase McGill, Josh Phillips, Taylor Phillips, Michael Ray)
14. "All Over the Map" (Brantley Gilbert, Randy Montana, Josh Phillips, Will Weatherly)
15. "Behind the Times" (Brantley Gilbert, Jake Mitchell, Randy Montana, Taylor Phillips)

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