As far as concert venues go, every one is so different on how good the music actually sounds.  Things like proper mixing and placement of speakers of course play a huge part but so does the acoustics of the venue.

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One venue in the Twin Cities area that keeps having large concerts is U.S. Bank Stadium.  Home of the Minnesota Vikings, the venue is a massive place made of concrete and steel, so there is plenty for sound to bounce off of.

I've been there for games, and now a few concerts, and overall, the sound has been okay.  Generally I try to have concert seats there about in-line with the stage height, and sound as far as being there has been decent enough.

I hear a lot of people gripe that when you roll up to the nose bleeds in the 300 section, you can't hear anything but muffled noise.  It might be show setup specific because that's where we were last night for Ed Sheeran.  I brought my 11-year-old daughter and while the sound wasn't crystal clear, the vocals shined through just fine for us to enjoy it.  The bass was a little echoed, but not enough to ruin the experience.

If anything, for me, it was a smidgen too quiet that high up.  But, I like my music loud.  We did snag some free ear plugs from guest services just in case, but didn't end up needing them.

For future shows, I'd consider the higher up seats if the price is right and it's not an artist I absolutely need to be close up for.  How has your U.S. Bank Stadium concert sound experience been?

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