When it comes to movies, there a decent older ones, and then there are pure classics.  A movie isn't just classic because of it's age though, it's a combination of things like the actors, the writing and iconic lines, and moments that shocked crowds in a new way.

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A perfect example of a classic film at least for me, is Jaws, which was released in 1975.  Jaws checks all of the boxes mentioned above and the filming issues the cast and crew struggled with to make the movie, contributed to how well it turned out.

I initially didn't get to see Jaws on the big screen, but did down the road on re-release special occasions.  Even without the big screen, my first time seeing it as a very young kid left me scared of dark water, pools, and swimming alone.  More than that though, Jaws gave me a phobia too, called submechanophobia.

Submechanophobia is a real thing and it's the fear of underwater man made objects or machinery.  Yeah, I actually have more fear of the mechanical apparatus, platform, and fake shark in jaws than I would of a real shark.  So, for a lot of years I struggled with that irrational fear.


Despite that fear, I will watch Jaws any day of the week someone wants too.  Quint's USS Indianapolis speech alone makes the movie worth it.  If you haven't been able to catch jaws on the big screen before, you can on Wednesday, July 12th in Duluth.  It's will be screen at the Zeitgeist Zinema one night only, and you need to see it on the big screen.

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