When it comes to public safety, police officers have to wear many hats.

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There are traffic stops, domestic house calls, patrolling and being active at various events especially in the summer, traffic control, and much more.

One thing a lot of us don't think about often with the police, is the potential for them to be first on the scene of a medical incident.  Even just knowing CPR and basic first aid can be huge in medical emergencies.

For those of you with any CPR training, you are probably aware that one the steps is to get and AED or Automated External Defibrillator.

These devices automatically diagnose and help with life threatening cardiac arrythmias.  You might have seen them in the office you work at or mounted in the hall of a public building.  The more the better, as they can greatly increase the chances of someone's survival in certain medical emergencies.

I don't know if they did before, but the Duluth Police Department now has new AED units in all of their squads.

This is great news as again; they often are the first to respond to intense situations that might include someone really hurt and needing an AED.

As a member of the general public, I suggest you keep up on your CPR/First Aid/AED training or get it if you have never had it.  That person needing help, could just be someone you love.  Training isn't that expensive, doesn't take long, and can help save lives.  Check out the courses offered by the American Heart Association.

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