The artwork that is music has a way of connecting and bringing together people from all backgrounds.

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Music is almost a universal language and if you really dig it and are like me, you're not stuck in only listening to one genre.  Yeah, I lean more towards harder and heavier rock and metal, but my playlists are incredibly diverse.

It's not even so much listening to recorded music as much as live music that I appreciate.  It's raw, real, and even with the occasional mess-up, you know it's not over produced and almost fake like some of the recordings that get released.

Siggy's Musical Garden is once again leading the charge with Make Music Day in Superior, WI on June 21st.

Over 25 artists will be performing at over 15 venues, giving you the chance to experience a variety of live music to share with others.  Besides hanging out and listening, people of all ages and experience levels are invited to sign-up and be a part of the day.

If you don't play, you can participate by attending a show or three, and also help support the cause by donating too.  Make Music Day is all about bringing people together on streets, sidewalks, storefronts, and in City of Superior Parks.  Try to catch as much of the entertainment as you can, and you might even walk away with a new group or artist to be a fan of.

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